Taiwan Online !

Moving On_ The Ways We Move

What are the expressions of social resistance?

 How do marginalized beings act?

Is there a common ground when identities are fluid?

 How are we shaped by digitality?

How to dance, when you can’t move?

Travel restrictions and the subsequent geopolitical shifts have significantly impacted the ways we move; in the face of these uncertainties, choreographers have continued making strides in their experiments. “Taiwan Online!” presents the diverse paths artists in Taiwan have proposed to connect outward during a time when performing arts and international exchanges came to a standstill. Being an island country in East Asia, the pandemic has propelled us to think of strategies of breaking through boundaries and isolation. Taiwan Online! manifests the dynamics of contemporary dance in Taiwan. As international exchanges resume, the program aims to create new points of contact at the Tanzmesse. Exchanging challenges and reflections facing our time, we look forward to investigating the ways dance move on together with the global dance communities.

Chou Shu-Yi

Curator, 2022 Taiwan Dance Platform / Weiwuying Artist-In-Residence



Located next to the Weiwuying Metropolitan Park in Fengshan District, the National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying) sits on a 9.9 hectare lot and occupies a floor area of 3.3 hectares.Inspired by the beauty of the local banyan trees and their iconic canopies of leaves, architect Francine Houben’s design is an undulating structure composed of a unique skin that can withstand the humidity and salinity in Kaohsiung – a port city – thanks to a collaborative effort with the city’s shipbuilders, and a roof under which generous free spaces can flow. In consideration of southern Taiwan’s tropical climate and people’s love for outdoor night activities, the Center has a fence-free plaza on the grounds that is accessible 24 hours a day for strolling, relaxing and much more, creating a breezy and welcoming space in which theater and music become part of everyday life. The Center opened on October 13th 2018 and is now operating all-year round , developing and bringing local as well as international talents to southern Taiwan.

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Dance in Taiwan expresses the freedom in bodily creativity and celebrate the dynamic and vitality of a still-growing cultural entity.

Initiated in 2016, the TAIWAN DANCE PLATFORM is a biannual event hosted by the National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts –Weiwuying, located in a port city of southern Taiwan. Acclaimed as the worlds’ Largest Single-Roof Performing Arts Center, Weiwuying consists of an outdoor theater and four in-door venues for opera, theater, dance, circus, and different genres performing arts, to showcase the diversity and freedom of Taiwan as the Heart of Asia. The platform connects domestic and international artists through forums and workshops. It also introduces emerging artists, cultivates dance writers, and presents creations from Taiwan and abroad.

The curatorial direction of the Platform focuses on “the South”, geographically, socio-politically, and culturally.

From indigenous and Chinese ideas of traditional body culture to classical genres, modern style, contemporary practice, interdisciplinary creation, inclusive engagement, and choreography with digital arts. In an era where we try to find a way to dance whilst feeling hard to “move”, virtual approaches have become the strategies for breaking through boundaries and isolation. Gathering reflections from the past, this platform aspires to continue demonstrating unrestrained kinetic energy and imbuing life into the body of tomorrow.