About Creation

Age of Audience: 6+

Number of Performers: 9 persons

Number of tour member: 9-13 perosns

Stage Size: 10m(W) x 8m(D)

Special Made for: proscenium or black box / outdoor space with dance floor (lighting)

Tsiáh thóo, literally “eat soil,” is a work inspired by choreographer Lin I-Chin’s experiences growing up near Fusing Temple in Hsilo, a small village in Southern Taiwan. Lin evokes the warmth and smells of her homeland, in which the temple is the center of daily life. The loud and clamorous sounds of Pak-kuán Music, a traditional Taiwanese music form, serve to rattle the consciousness and energy of the universe and awaken the body, sustained by the local soil. This piece can be performed with or without live musicians, in either indoor or outdoor settings.


Bare Feet

Since 2014, Bare Feet Dance Theatre centres its work on the traditional culture, ritual, language, customs, diet, character and climate found in “local Taiwan”. Through different approaches such as local creation, field practices, art education and promotion, etc.;

Bare Feet explores and rediscovers the deep connection between the land and the body of its people. Bare Feet attempts to find the kinetic energy fundamental to the human body and rediscover the source of our physical body and our culture.

With the vision of a contemporary artist, traditional movements undergo “recreation”; extracting a unique essence from contemporary language of art and energy from the Asian body.


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Lin Chih-Yang





An Eternity Before and After


  • 9 October 2022

  • Barcelona, Spain

  • Teatre Kursaal. Sala petita