About Creation

Age of Audience: 6+

Number of Performers: 1 persons

Number of tour member: 4 persons

Stage Size: 10m (W) x 9m (D) x 6m (H)

Special Made for: Can be adjusted to suit most spaces.

This work by Lin I-Fang’s project Maiastra, made in partnership with visual artist Jocelyn Cottencin, combines installation and solo dance performance, under a conceptual framework that moves between performance and choreography. In this piece, ghostly movements are summoned to join the present, with a number of dualities are presented: blindness and brilliance; appearance and disappearance; amazement and wonder. Manifested in flashes of light snatched from memory, these moments of magic represent re- inventions or re-appropriation of past figures and stories. Through movement, Lin builds intricate bridges from gesture to gesture, story to story.


The Maiastra company was formed in Montpellier in 2018 by Kaohsiung- born choreographer Lin I-Fang, who lives in France and has worked in the European contemporary dance scene since the mid-1990s. Her work emphasizes physicality through observation and movement, and incorporates the theories of Moshe Feldenkrais in her work. With Maiastra, Lin has embarked on an ambitious project to combine research, experimental choreography, somatic practices, and workshop education. The project’s three current pieces include “ÉBLOUI” (2021), a multimedia work, and “Au Large,” a piece choreographed for and performed by amateur dancers.

Could you tell us a bit about your background and your recent work? It’s been 25 years since you relocated to France. Why have you chosen to create this solo dance work at this stage?

My name is Lin I-fang. I’m a Taiwanese artist, choreographer, performer and Feldenkrais practitioner. I chose to study dance in France at the age of 21, and while working with French-Belgian-Japanese artists in the late 90s, I began to identify and develop personal writing related to stage and performance. Therefore, I have been collaborating with French and foreign artists for many years, especially Mathilde Monnier, Christian Rizzo, François Verret, Emmanuelle Huynh, Pierre Droulers, Xavier Leroy, Boris Charmatz, Kosei Sakamoto, Su Wen-Chi. Throughout my career in France, I have always been considered as an exclusive solo artist. After creating my company MAIASTRA to develop my own works, I have always invited my favorite artists to cooperate with me in the form of cross-border cooperation. The beginning of ÉBLOUI was during my first year as resident-artist with Scènes Croisées. Where I had an opportunity to work at the century-old Temple in St Germain de Calberte. I chose this historic place because I felt it could help me transform my body, and I started with questions about transfiguration and what would bring about a certain kind of posture, gesture and dance. During my residency in St Germain de Calberte ; meditate on the present, using memories, scenes, images, and shaping to demonstrate the greatest simplicity of what I wish to confess on the stage: it is an encounter between memory and matter, re-examining the state, situation and feelings. In view of our life and work from the 1990s to the 2020s, we reflect on the body’s personality in this space, without the involvement of any electronics or technology, and consider how to view experiences anew. It’s through simple, trivial creations that we can continue to dream..


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Lin I-Fang







  • 26 September -07 October 2022

  • Nancy, France

  • Ballet Lorraine-CCN de Nancy



  • 11 November 2022

  • Toulouse, France

  • Festival Neuf Neuf



  • October 2022- February 2023

  • Orléans, France

  • CCN d’Orléan