About Creation

Age of Audience: 7+

Number of Performers: 13 persons

Number of tour member: 25 persons

Stage Size: 14m(W) x 26m(D) x 8m(H)

Special Made for: Can be adjusted to suit most spaces.

New Paradise of Silent Island Praised as “the master of creating surrealist imagination,” Hsiao-Mei Ho is the highly attention-attracting Taiwanese female choreographer, and her works are imbued with rich imagery and humanistic reflection. Selected and integrated from the various images of Ho’s previous works, New Paradise of Silent Island is a collective creation with the spirit of Taiwanese cosplay. Ho’s dance creates a golden ukiyo-e from the hybridization of the sense of Taiwan and the foreign, presenting a metaphor of modern society where gaudiness and loneliness are juxtaposed with the puppet aesthetics of Barbie dolls. The strong local art style stands out among other contemporary dance works in Taiwan. New Paradise of Silent Island combines local Taiwanese cultural symbols with observations of social genders, and faithfully portrays the world in a time of change with ingenious surreal techniques. Blurring the boundary between reality and creation, the choreographer resonates with the audience deeply in a frame-breaking and interactive way, inviting them to wander around the stage under a diverse and chaos atmosphere of Taiwanese temple fairs.


Founded in 2010 by Taiwanese choreographer Hsiao-Mei HO, a renowned expert in creating surreal images, MeimageDance’s works feature a strong visual and cultural style. Since 2011, MeimageDance has started the program ‘New Choreographer Project,’ inviting prominent choreographers who live and travel abroad back home to create, to perform, and to share their adventurous experiences. Positioned as the ‘cradle for dancers,’ MeimageDance continues offering chances for outstanding dancers. The project hopes to nurture talented choreographers who have both international perspectives and local characteristics, and to carry forward the promotion and preservation of artistic education.


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