About Creation

Age of Audience: 7+

Number of Performers: 3 persons

Number of tour member: 8~10 perosns

Stage Size: 8m(W) x 6m(D) x 4-5m(H)

Special Made for: Best suited for indoor settings, can also have the connecting path to outdoor.

I am a dancer. When I miss a person, recall a scene, or visualize an image, I will perform what I think of instinctively with my body. Propositions on Disappearance III is to “make” my father’s body with my own body. Since people of my dad’s generation got ill and passed away, I suddenly realized that all the languages, intonations, and interactions that I was familiar with … would disappear as people disappear generation after generation. And in the end my body will also disappear. When I am exploring and feeling my father’s body, it seems that I canexchange my life for some time with my father.


One of Yu Yen-Fang’s artistic missions is to transmit personal experiences and perspectives through physical expression. She views her work as a way to engage with society and to take action. Yu, an active practitioner of contact improvisation, holds an MFA from Ohio State University and is a PhD candidate at Taipei National University of the Arts.


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