About Creation

Age of Audience: 7+

Number of Performers: 7 persons

Number of tour member: 15 persons

Stage Size: 12m (W) x 10m (D)

Special Made for: Can be adjusted to suit most spaces.

In this site-specific performance, a wandering time traveler stumbles upon a hidden world of men and women living in solitude in “Urn City.” These nameless “she and he” people, trapped inside the walls of the city, reveal themselves to be mired in a giant current, a timeless purgatory in which these ” she and he” people confront problems of life and human nature, in a never ending cycle. Like birds trapped in an urn, their lives are meant to be a microcosm of the lives of silent onlookers. This production is choreographed by Luo Wen-Jinn, with lighting design by Kuan Yun-Hshiang, and music by Lin Ching-Wei.


Devoted to producing unique and innovative dance works, the Scarecrow Contemporary Dance Company (SCDC) was founded in 1989 by Ko Chiu-Mei in Tainan City. The group draws from observations of daily life and society as material for for its performances , which ultimately aim to express humanity and allow audiences to reflect on their own lives. SCDC, led by artistic director by Luo Wen-Jinn, and producer KuLo Wen-Chun, was recognized by the National Culture and Arts Foundation as one of Taiwan’s top performing arts groups from 2018 to 2022, and received Tainan City’s Outstanding Dance Award in 2005 and 2006.

Can you discuss what inspired you to draw from Nietzsche for this production?

Nietzsche’s philosophy mentions the concept of “eternal return”: that man will continue to repeat his fate in eternity. When your life experience is one spent alone, you will find this loneliness a never-ending recurrence. While this is a hypothetical philosophy concept, the image of the cursed fate that is spent in endlessly repeating lives in reincarnation gave me plenty of space for imagination, allowing me to develop a creative vein of thought within the loneliness of eternal return..


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In the historical monuments, how do you imagine contemporary dance?

Historical monuments to me are a border that exists between times, its time is carved out and accumulated through history, and its space is where the era that had once been lingers. It is where the past meets present, and is evidence of the now that is ready to cease and become the past. The choreography of contemporary dance is to respond to the occurrences that exist in all forms in the time being, and historical monuments became where contemporary dance cast its shadow, forming through contemporary dance’s expression of existing issues an enrapturing time of existence in the boundaries of the monument’s boundaries in time and space.


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Hideout (Scenofest Performances-DIGITAL PERFORMANCES)


  • 6-29 August 2022

  • Calgary, Canada